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Nov 09, 2015· To be able to state the uses of limestone To be able to describe what happens to limestone when we heat it To be able to work out reaction equations that tak...

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A typically softer material, that can be scratched and also has a dull finish. However, in some cases, a limestone can be polished. This is a more absorbent material and requires regular sealing.

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This is a list of types of limestone arranged according to location. It includes both formal stratigraphic unit names and less formal designations.

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What are some uses of limestone? Update Cancel. ... Limestone can be used as building material and in ... What are the different types of limestone? What are their uses?

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Limestone is a soft and porous stone. One of the most popular types of limestone is marble, used for indoor flooring and countertops more than other limestone types. As such, nearly anything can harm unsealed limestone, including both natural and unnatural elements and chemicals.

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Uses of Limestone. While most of us ... All these chemical and physical properties make it one of the most useful types of rock on the planet. Limestone Uses

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Uses of limestone. Limestone, quicklime and slaked lime are all used to neutralise excess acidity which may be caused by acid rain in lakes and in soils.

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Industry Overview: Carmeuse Lime and Limestone for Construction Applications . Lime for Soil Stabilization. Over 2 million tons of lime is used each year in the construction of roadways and embankments and to improve the soil at construction sites.

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Both aggregate and cement are limestone products involved in construction. Aggregate is produced from crushed quarry limestone. It is used in the construction of homes, highways, and other types of infrastructures.

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The calcium carbonate content of limestone rocks has been used from the ... Limestone uses. ... certain types of limestone such as that found in North Otago ...

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Types of Stone. Marble (Metamorphic) Marble is a dense crystallized rock. It's a form of limestone that has been transformed by extreme heat and is commonly used in buildings, sculptures, and monuments.

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There are also a few areas were the bedrock is mainly calcareous sandstone and both of these rock types were used for ... uses of limestone are the curious ...